Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Daily Day 10: Drop-In Party!

The Highlight of our Holiday Hoopla...
Our Annual Drop-In Party!

Day 10: Drop-In Party!
The Journaling is on a Tag on the left side. I folded some of the same paper as I used for the background to make an envelope to 'hide' it in.
Beautiful Chaos, much like the event. :O)

Busiest Holiday Drop-In
party E-Vah! Head
count of just over 70
peeps... in 5 hours. The
house was busting at the
seams, but never 'too'
crowded... perfect balance.
The boys had MANY of
their friends over this
year. They are growing
up too fast... No big
issues even with so many
'little people'. New freinds
seen for the 1st time
made this year EXTRA
special! New foods... yum!
School visitors: teacher and
principal and of course
the Steampunk Crowd.
...and a long-lost friend
from the East! :O)
Perhaps the best
party we've hosted...
to date. *wink*

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