Monday, December 5, 2011

December Daily Day 4: Everyday Angels

Yesterday was one of *those* days...
kids wired, every plan unraveled almost as soon as it was made,
dropping things, pain etc...

Just plain ol'frustrating, until:

Day 4: Everyday Angels
Today our thanks and blessings go out
to an Everyday Angel... we had a
rather hurried, busy and not
entirely pleasant day... topped by
the battery in the van dying while
stopped at the last stop on the way
home, running 2 hrs behind...
4 hungry kids, stuck in the cold and
frustrated. A man stopped to ask if we needed a
boost... AMEN and Thank-You to our
Personal Angel. Perfect Divine Timing.

Cut down 8 pages deep on both sides to allow for the pewter snowflakes,
was saving them for a 'special' page. :O)

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