Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Daily Day 8: Oh Christmas Tree!

Little picture in picture here... lol.

Day 8: Oh Christmas Tree!
Another split the book, add a tab for journaling.
The picture of the boyz decorating the tree *TOGETHER* though fuzzy was to good to not add this year so I placed it as background behind the clearer picture of the family with the tree before we cut it down. Picture in Picture!
Then the finished tree is on the left.

Ian's Tree Plantation...
Return trip this year
Didn't take long
to find the *perfect* tree.
Reindeer visits, hot cocoa by
the bonfires "Just like on TV"
says Thomas. Home for lunch
with Granny & Grandpa, then
decorating the tree...
Great 'Hooky' Day from school!

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