Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily: Day 1, Content and Intro Page

Started slicing and dicing the book I'm 'trashing' this month...
Best part (as always) is the boyz coming in to have a look.
They find it fascinating that the book is actually getting 'trashed'
& it's the book *they* brought home.
Lovin' it so far!

Day 1: "Christmas-ification
The Journaling is on a pull-out Tag.
The opposite 'page' is sliced in 8 pages deep,
3 more intact to make the 'back'.
Wa-Mart Kit Stickers and K&Company Paper.

Intro Page: Before

Intro Page: After

Table of Contents: Before

Table of Contents: After
...and The Christmas Pledge

The Table of Contents is 3 pages deep, using Mod Podge to paste everything up.

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