Monday, December 12, 2011

Time Travel Orb

Stepped away from the Holiday Craft-ies this morning...
and made a tiny Time Machine!
Too bad it's only a prop... could've proved most useful this time of year. ;O)
This is for our Steampunk adventures as B.B.L.A.D.E
(Black Bunny League of Acclaimed Demon Exterminators):
Time Traveling Family set to find the vampire that attacked the eldest son (who is now a partially changed vampire) and any other unholy baddies we see along the way...
and Exterrrrminate!
Made a 12 X 12" Page about us, you can read back:

Yesterday while out at Value Village I found this interesting 'electronic ball' for 99 cents.
Noooo idea what it was, let alone if it worked... just looked neat-o.
Got it home, tried it with batteries...
It's an alarm clock that can wake you up with sound:
Water in several forms, with/without Birds, Falling Rain and Farm Animals (why?!)
Also softly changing glow-y colored lights.
I took it apart to paint and um, oooops *accidentally* knocked the sound out.
Extra awesome! Far less annoying now. lol

The inside of the clear orb was coated with Mod Podge and swirled with my finger to get a 'homespun' glass look.
The outer parts were spray painted either Silver or Gold, then brush painted Gold or Copper and finished by dry brushing/finger rubbing with Black paint.
Clear coat spray to keep any further Time Travel damage at bay.
There is also a (sowy, fuzzy: hands are shaky today) Video so you can see the lights working away.
Now this is added to our Demon Hunting Kit!

Took several pictures and will shush up now so you can have a look-see. :O)

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