Friday, December 30, 2011

December Daily Day 16: Memories of Christmas Past...

A special one for me:

Day 16: Memories of Christmas Past...
Love how the picture in the book I'm 'trashing' just came-up 'right' for this day!
Today I had a rather important Dr's appointment that could have brought some un-good news. I spent the time before hand looking over pictures, post and scrapbook pages from Christmas Past... something I make time to do each year. Today seemed the right day for this. :O)

All I want for Christmas
are things money can't buy... (stamp)
This year
I am grateful
for a small
lull in the activities and preparations. Time
to look back over photos and journals from
Past Christmas Seasons. Some people and pets
are no longer with us... my heart hurts to
see their dear faces. There have been
years of turmoil and years of TRUE PEACE
both have their place in where we all are
this season. We have all come through so
much... The boys are growing and changing
so (too!) fast... Our family has changed too.
I am truly happy with where we are
right now and look forward to seeing this
years festivities recorded... for future years.

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