Thursday, August 23, 2012

Angels in My Studio: Cheryl Irwin- "How to Paint an Angel Like a Goddess"

Of the lessons so far this one has awed me the most.

Before beginning last night I spent some time at the Altar set up for our Visiting Angels. During that time I shuffled through the Healing With The Angels Oracle Card Deck  (Doreen Virtue) and eventually drew a card.

Drew the Surrender & Release card... 
Which had deep meaning for me. Then  I sat down to do the lesson.
Not having and Flow Release to use I grabbed what was on hand... good ol'fashioned 70% rubbing alcohol that already comes in a spray bottle. Years ago, took a course that involved using alcohol sprayed over acrylic paint and Saran-Wrap to make mystical landscape backgrounds. This was a similar-ish style and I was anxious to get started on the lesson. Too impatient to go buy sh-tuff! lol
Painted while listening to some relaxing Celtic Harp music... and tried to focus on the Angel card  had left out on my desk so I could see it.
The end result was very wispy... and ethereal, soft and delicate. 

This morning I got up and after a visit with the lawyer that's handling the Move-Red-Tape-y sh-tuff I felt the need to paint again... I repeated the process of last night: Time at the Altar shuffling the deck, drew a card and began to work with the same music playing. 
This time the card was Intention... 
It yielded a very different result from last night's painting.
The result this time was bold and heavily textured, solid-er colors and had a real sense of movement.
Both pieces were created on a 5 3/4" X 8" hard-backed canvas board.
Intention on the Left... Surrender & Release on the Right...

The Card:

The Card:
Background done:

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