Friday, August 24, 2012

The Red Key: LAS PROMESAS- Deep Listening

Time for the 2nd Intuitive Las Promeses painting over at The Red Key... this time:
 Deep Listening.
Started by writing the message received during the time listening to the Muse Meditation, 
written within' a heart in sharpie. 

Stop and hear the
Hum of the universe, you
Are part of the melody…
You are not out of sync…. The
Sound is beautiful.

Chose a few colors, wet my page and tinted over the words...
Then instead of tissue paper, since almost the entire Studio is packed for the move, used Mulberry Paper in soft peach, pink and yellows to label the Lies and cover them with Promises. 
Luvin' the wonderful texture and designs that came out of this step! 
Then I drew in my Listening Muse with white paint... 
What I found was as my brush flowed over the page (no pre-sketch for me!) the lines and designs created by the Mulberry Paper laid out most of her face... I just needed to 'trace' it out. 
The Universe made my sketch. 
Then I forgot to keep taking pictures... so she's all done down there.
I added glitter here and there... across her cheeks happened by happenstance while I was doing the flowers... and it's perfect! 
Did the black outlining with more paint and instead of tissue paper words painted right on with black and highlighted here and there with more white. 
Final step was the Red Thread... 
Used a large sewing needle to 'sew' on, right through the little Red Key enclosed in the Heart on her chest.
...all done, ready to be trimmed down an put in my Book of Legends.

The Message:
 Tinted Message:
 Lies and Promises:
 Muse Outline:
 Heart of Listening and The Red Thread:

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