Friday, August 3, 2012

The Red Key: The Sacred Dialogue ~The Critic and The Muse~

Imagine with me there is a sacred dialogue happening between what we call the critic and the muse. The beloved inspirer and the provoker. The artist and the one who doubts. The hopeful one and the one who says it cannot be done. The one who has always believed in you and the one who said it could not be done.
Journaling copied directly from lesson  reading:
Once upon a time there were two forces/voices/ideas within woman.
It all started like this...
And then one day my muse had enough and she began to sing
And so on this day, everything changed.
The critic roared into the silence a new voice emerged... 
THIS is exactly what I needed to see/hear.
After weeks of 'sick pain' I'm 'behind'... but only in the eyes of my Critic.
This is *my* time to do Art... at whatever pace I *need* to do it...
NOT be guilt tripped into the critics harried schedule.
I can see her tapping a pen in frustration on her schedule clipboard, even as I type!
If my Muse is singing a long, soft, sweet, walk down the aisle of creativity with care tune...
I *WILL* walk softly.
If my Muse decided to bump things up with drums and horns...
*THEN* I will run and jump!
...but I am NOT jumping for my Critic.
My Muse had me do this today... 
Pencil sketch, re-outlined, erased and marker colored. 
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