Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 168

*slipping in quietly*
Missed quite a few weeks of WOYWW as life here blew up...
Before checking my much reduced space up head on over to:
To see what everyone else is up to!

Since last I was here we have made some major decisions... for many reasons (declining health and the lacking recovery of my Mom from the accident among them...) we are going to be getting a new house, with my parents. Looking at houses with 2 'homes' in it... ie 2 kitchens, separate living areas etc.... My parent's house is up for sale now, once it sells or there is a sizable nibble we will be putting an offer in on house to buy, post move-in we'll be patching our house up and selling it too. 
We hope when the balls start rolling everything goes quickly so we are in deep-move-prep mode. Packing is happening everywhere! The 2md floor (bedrooms, bathroom and Studio) are now packed of all but essentials. 
So... no more big Studio space for me. I got a wall, MUCH pared down supplies and the ever growing Fort-Box to keep me company. Not that there is as much time for my Muse... just need to keep promising her the run of the new space when we get where we're going. Pack-by-Faith!

So... this my desk today:
Culled down to mostly writing sh-tuff. 
Still have my stack of oracle/tarot cards out. 
Stack of Asian Newspapers and Row Houses waiting to get mailed out.
Minor OOPS... eldest son was helping pack and he packed ALL of my envelopes. *sigh* 
So despite not wanting to get any new sh-tuff I'll need to snag some envies... lol. 
Ya gotta laugh!
This is the full scope... from a whole room down to a wall. 
To my left:
The rest of the Studio, now---> Fort BOX!

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