Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angels In My Studio... it's a start...

I joined Angels In My Studio this week and you can too!
It's almost my birthday and to celebrate I am giving YOU a gift.
From now until my birthday on August 5th you can sign up for Angels In My Studio and name your own price!
The course regularly sells for $111, but until August 5th you can join us at whatever price you can afford. 
WOW!... sign me up... oh yeah... did that already! lol 
I'm so over the mooooon. 
When this course started I was VERY interested but the mooolah was snug so it went on the 'durn I missed that one too' list of unanswered dreams.
NOW it is a forgotten dream come true!
First step was the make an Angel Altar.
We're living in flux... in the middle of clearing our house and preparing to move so anywhere I would place an Angel Altar would be 'unsafe' at present. Was a little despaired on what to do since I strongly desired an Angel Altar and theeeen we went out shopping today and I saw this cute lil' Angel bowl! She went right in the cart, no questions asked... another dream answered! For now She will BE my altar. I can place items in the cup and around her and move her around as needed!
Today she is sitting on the Studio Desk, sharing space with some roses hubby bought me, a yummy cinnamon scented candle and she's holding some stones, 2 hearts and a dragonfly.
All ready to get started...

First Lesson: Watercolor
Historically I sucketh most mightily at watercolor... bit of a patience issue with the ADD, lol. 
But I soldiered on... My brushes are not watercolor brushes by a long shot and the only paint I have is Acrylic so I water-bombed and used what I had on hand.
I feel she is looking at (erm, through me) and that looks says;
"Here I am. You did it. What's next?"

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