Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Angels In My Studio -Video Lesson #2- Lori Franklin's Mixed-Media Love Angel

I finished her up several days ago, 
Was hoping for some sunshine to take pictures outside but alas the rains keep a coming... 
So did the best-est I could with the Studio lights.
She sat on my desk for 4 days getting dabbed at here and there as I had time (or not *blushing*) between packing boxes, cleaning, cle
aring, visits to the real estate office and family in from out of town. She was persistent though and demanded to be finished!
On a 9" x 12" canvas that came with the display easel. 
Acrylic, Sharpie PEN, Gel Pen, Sharpie silver markers, metallic rub-on gel and Heart Bling-age.
Purple hair surprised me... but she asked.
Full Piece:

Up Close:
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