Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hosting the Angels...

 Not a thing done Art wise for um... weeks? it seems like months... my Art-y fingers are itchy. 
But alas we are in full packing frenzy. Part of the frenzy caused a pretty major crash in the Studio and my main work table; which was loaded up with ALL my Art Journals, Laptop, Camera, paints, Pens... and anything else I planned to pack at the end, collapsed... and everything went swoooooosh into a 3' deep pile. Fished my Laptop and today my Camera out of the pile but still haven't had the mental or physical strength to tackle the rest. Fibro is in full-all-out-4th-of-July-fireworks-flare this past week. Chugging through anyway... ya gotta do what ya gotta do... :O)
My parent's house is now up for sale... as soon as they have an acceptable offer we will jump on making an offer to buy a house together with them. Last step, after we move, will be fixing and selling our house too. 
There *is* a house we want des-per-ate-ly so we have been laying this desire on the family alter for the Universe with a candle burning 24/7 since we found it. 

Today I have set up another alter... 
One to welcome the Angels we will be hosting for the next 5 days. I'm really excited about this opportunity that came about through the Angels in my Studio course FaceBook Group. 
Today I smudged the entire house with white sage. mmmm... my hands smell like pot now, lovely... lol.  Used salt water to clean the items that went on the alter. My envelopes are ready...
Set up in the main living/dining-room on top of the unplugged 2nd TV that's been moved there for the duration of the move. Very near the front door, they can't miss it!
Tall enough that the dogs and bunny can't get at the Angel Apple. Though the bunny would probably rather snack on the envies, mmmm... paper, lol. 
Bonus: Right in view from all corners on the main floor.
Tonight is the Night... I'm so excited!

These are my instructions:
Hi Sarah,

This is an angel experience with hosting the angels at your house. You will get three wishes and all of the benefits that having angels can offer to you...

They arrive here at my home on Thursday, August 9th, stay for five days and leave my house on August 14th. They travel and rest for 5 days and will arrive at your house on Sunday, August 19th at 10:30 pm. You will host them for 5 days and then you pass them on to three people of your choice on Friday, August 24th. They will rest again for 5 days and arrive at their next destination on Wednesday, August 29th

Your altar must be ready with: 2 envelopes: 1 envelope containing your wishes,the second envelope containing the names and home addresses of the 3 people who are getting the angels next, an apple, a candle and a white flower.

At the end of your 5-day visit, you are asked to send the angels on to the three new individuals, who agree to accept and work with these angels in their homes. On August 24th, you would then send the angels on to arrive at your 3 peoples homes. (Between each 5-day visit the angels have a period of five days when they are travelling on their way to the next three hosts) *** The angels always arrive at the new place on the agreed day at 10:30pm and leave five days later at 10:30 pm.

Before the angels arrive at your home, choose a suitable place as an altar and prepare it accordingly:
1. Bless a white candle and put it in a candle holder.
2. Place beside the candle a white flower in a bowl or a vase or a white flowering plant.
3. Beside the candle and the flower, place an envelope containing a paper with the names and addresses of the three hosts you have found to agree to welcome the angels.
4. In a different envelope place the paper on which your three wishes are written.
5. Place an apple as an offering on the envelope with your wishes.

On the agreed day, be at home at 10:30 pm and ready to receive your guests. Before they arrive light the candle; and at 10:30 pm open the door (physically not just symbolically) and bid the angels welcome with the following words:

"Please enter angels and be welcome, you who have come from God. Thank you for coming and enveloping this place, and all the people who stay here, and those who come by with purity and peace. Thank you for having chosen to come and bless my life and the lives of the people around me with harmony, love, joy, wisdom and strength. Thank you also for wishing to fulfill the three wishes which are very important to me."

During the 5 days that the angels are with you, the white candle should burn down completely. If it burns down before the 5 days are at an end you can light a new white candle if you wish.
If you usually pray or meditate, it is good to communicate with the angels at this time, but there are no requirements to do anything special, apart from opening and closing the door on the two times given: 10:30 pm on the first and last evenings.

At 10:30 pm on the 5th day, physically open the door and say thank you and goodbye to the angels as you lovingly send them onto the three new hosts who have agreed to receive them. Read their names and addresses aloud very clearly. The angels will arrive at their next home 5 days after you have bid them farewell.

When you send this e-mail, to your 3 people, please change the dates to coordinate. The angels need 5 days after they leave you to reach their new destination.

Many blessings,
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