Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Pocket Journal and Travelling System.

With the move looming in the distance there hasn't been as much Art-y time but my Muse is still a pushy wench... found myself doodling on scraps of paper, folding up napkins and the like... so after a Muse-led push to head out today found a solution. Got a 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" blank page journal (for $1.25!!!!) at the dollar store. It's just so durn pretty too! Color splashed and foil stamped...

What really wow-ed me was the 'pouch' and pencil case. 
Have been doodling 4 leaf clovers, lots of green, zentangles and angels wings all over...
Today we found THEM *all* at Zellers... 
Got a 15" laptop case to carry my book(s) and writing sh-tuff from place to place and a pencil case for the loose bits. They had a binder too I was in deep lust over but don't *need* and we're save-for-the-move budgeting. Maybe if they have some in the after-sales I'll know it was meant to be.  ;O)
Super pleased with the lap-top case! Even my biggest/heaviest Art Journals fits in with room to spare since it was designed to carry much-much heavier!

Made the entry title page last night while vegging on the couch to Full Metal Alchemist.
Just doodling away... no plans just the comforting feel of a writing implement in my hand...

Pretty-Pretty Book:

Pouch and Case:

Close up of Laptop (now Journal) Pouch design:

Close up of Pencil Case design:

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