Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book of Days: March 20th -Alban Eiler (Eilir/Vernal-Spring Equinox)

Quick start today... 
Been planning this page since I realized the page for altering today was coming up.
Took a picture before I started so you can actually see the difference AA (After Altering... lol). Mm BOD is a baaadly outdated sexual education textbook so there have been all sort of um... 'interesting' pictures in it. Some I ripped out (mmm... up close and personal with the advanced stages of venereal diseases, yum!), some I kept... like this one. Perfect for the balanced feminine/male aspects of today. Went a wee Kells again with the metallic markers (love my toys...) and added the blessing we read this morning when we lit our family candle at breakfast. 
Background is sponge painted Deep Purple and Lime Green, then added some glitter cardstock fussy cut (DCWV: Once Upon a Time 8X8 stack) and collected imagery from the internetz. 
Man and Woman are colored in with SU! markers and retraced in Sharpie.

March 20th:
March 20th:
 March 20th:
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