Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart2Heart's for Book of Days

Been a Busy Beaver working away on Hearts for some of my Sisters from Book of Days.

It's an awesome lil'list we have going amongst several others... 
Happy Mail, Prayer Flags etc... and a great opportunity to reach out with our lil community.

Cut out a heart - no bigger then a DVD disk.
Color, paint, write, collage or draw on it a special message, or poem or picture. 
Make it special ...think of her while you make it.

You could pick someone who apparently needs it, who makes you laugh and happy, who is calling out, somebody that put her name on the 'asking' list, or just randomly when you feel like it, but please make it personal! Don't make a series of 100 the same.

Part of the beauty of this, is that it will be totally unique and creative. I know that I personally will be thinking of that particular sister in my group when I make a heart. I think the hearts will be infused with that energy, and putting them in your BOD means you can see them when you want, it will be a constant reminder of the good thing we have going here.

I have been lighting a candle in the Studio, saying a Celtic Blessing for inspiration and guidance then settling in to work. Amazed at the variety and feeling quite blessed in the making...
These are some of my Hearts to be mailed to those Sisters in the Book of Days group that need a little 'extra' right now... ♥

Made March 14th:

Made March 16th:

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