Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 147

It's Weeeeednesday.... again. ;O)
Time for WOYWW over at:
Head on over and check out what everyone is up to!

This week it's... surprise-surprise... a Mess.
Did you expect anything else? 
If so, Sorry you must be at the wrong desk. lol 
Creativity in Chaos, wonderful!

Today there's mostly 'finish up' work...
Heart2Heart for Book of Days to send out (need to find the addy on the list, having some problems finding the match) and more bits for Heart2Hearts, waiting... 
Page that was drying last night from Elements,  a list of addy's to send Thank-You cards out for Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue and the Celtic book was out because I was saying a blessing for healing last night before bed. This has been one of those go-go-go then pffftttttt.... weeks. 4 days of crafty goodness then yesterday *pain*. 
Today I'll be picking away, slower. :O) But ain't stopping.  

And fleurs!!!
My Mum brought over a pot of PINK Tulips for me.

BESTEST of all: WOYWW Button arrived!!!
I love sillies I really do and!
xoxoxo Thank-You Julia. xoxoxo

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