Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book of Days: March 9th -10th

2 more days done...
There are actually 3 done and unblogged (bad sawah...).
Today's was a biggie page day that deserves a post all on it's own, it'll follow shortly.

March 10th:
Side bits are snips of paper leftover from the ATC's made for the premium BOD ATC Rainbow Swap. Keeping with the 'use what your working on' goal!
Sponged on bright, vibrant spring-y colored paint then stamped clock and sentiment. Bunny was stamped then colored over with white out and stamped again with StazOn.

White Rabbit Syndrome...
Rush, Rush, Rush...
Go, Go, Go...
grab this, get that, 1 more thing!
Daylight Savings "losing and hour" = More Panic!
This 'White Rabbit' needs a good long Rest.
March 10th:
Full Spread

March 9th:
Image cut off a Birthday Card that's been kicking around for um... at 'least' 2 years. Knew it would come in handy some day! lol
Edges are inked and then colored over with Highlighter Markers. BACK
Today did not go as planned: phone kept ringing, emails popping up, mail wasn't even a relief just more 'uuurrrgggg!' sh-tuff. To top it off PayPal fracked up my premium BOD payment! HUGE Thank-You to Effy for helping sort that out... NO BOD? *gasping for air* Un-un not happening, no way.
Good news was a rejoined the gym today. lol
Good Sweat vrs Bad Sweat kinda day.

March 9th:
Full Spread
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