Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 146

Wednesday again?! Yup...
So head on over to"
To snoop, er peruse... everyone's work spaces!
Actually been doing some sh-tuff this week, so it's a bit more cluttered than the norm... 
um, not that the norm isn't cluttered... 
I liiike the creativity that comes out of Chaos... so *not* OCD, thank god! lol

This week been working on some DT sh-tuff (so no sharing of that) and also a heard of Heart2Heart's for some of the Book of Days ladies. Heart2Heart is for any Sister in BOD who is feeling in need of some extra lurve, she can put their name on the list and when a fellow Sister feels led she can then make/send a handmade bit of heART her way. I have been having so much fun making these... small art if my forte! The template is out, there are a few hearts already cut and a print off of 'the list' as well as all the Happy Mail addy's for Book of Days (been stuffing other envelopes along the way...), wood box full of embellishment goodies thought might work on Hearts and a smattering of stamps I've been using. 
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Also a pile of pre-birthday goodies... made a trip to Micheal's, 1st in 6 months even though I live 5 minutes away from one, lol! Mark-Down goodies: 50 cent bin, huzzah! and some wickedly marked down stamps and K&Company items. (Like $20 down to $3!) Managed to make it out of there under $15 but with a stuffed bag, woot! 
and fleurs... the tulips my Mum brought last week, though I suspect tomorrow may be their last day, they look ready to pop their petals!

 WUYWW (What's under your work desk? Wednesday) Bonus:
AYVA... she's now 19+ weeks old.

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