Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Feb 29th Prompt

Whatever and Whatnot Feb 29th

THE PROMPT: Childhood memories
(it can be something from your own childhood or from your kids, a memory, a thought...)
THE STUFF: Glimmer mists & paint (time to get messy!)
THE TECHNIQUE: silhouettes (can be black, patterned paper, anything goes as long as it's a silhouette)

What a fun topic!

Didn't take long to figure this out...
In fact we were just talking (hubby and I) about how we each used to walk home at lunch hour to eat at home and the boyz can't. Though they are just around the corner the school is on the silly 'Hobbit Schedule' as we call it: 2 'nutrition breaks' instead of a good solid noon HOUR. (dumb-dumb-dumb)
I remember coming home at lunch with my Mum (and brother) and we'd have Cream of Mushroom Soup with Broiled open-face Bacon & Cheese slice sandwiches. Mushroom soup is still my #1 comfort food.
*Plus* we had exactly enough time to watch Mr. Dress-Up followed by The Friendly Giant... then walk back to the school.

Painted over the book (I'm altering's) pages in Bright White then splattered it in Blue, Red and Yellow before adding the other elements. Silhouette was cut out using a SLICE.

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