Friday, March 23, 2012

Elements: Self Guided- Title Pages & Elements page

Finished the prep work for my Book of Elements last night... late, last night. Do so love the blessing of a project just flowing together, almost all one it's own. Flip side is when that means the creative juices are still flowing like a raging spring-thaw river at 3 AM... with a 5 AM... let's just say I am *VERY* Thankful for Starbuck's Tribute (crack!) Blend this morning.

This is the inside front cover, my all-elements page. 
Doodled words, then watercolor painted (spirit/white is watered down acrylic), traced the letters again and the word highlighted with SU! markers.

Also, while I had all the matching markers/ink spots out to color the edges of all the pages. So they're all match-y match-y with the tabs and title pages. Already helped me when grabbing the book and wanting to flip somewhere quick. 

 Also got the title pages for each element/section done.
The 'Art-ing' sections have information from:
font-ed, formatted and printed to fit on the pages. Lightly inked, traced in Sharpie and then finished the 'frames' with the matching markers. I wanted to add these as 'interest info', perhaps to fuel ideas but also as a permanent reference.
The 'Note-ing' section has the beginning of my 'clustering' exercises. Not much yet... but they will grow as the course goes on. 






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