Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 144

Wednesday has arrived *again*.
Where did the past week go?!

Pop on over to:
Stamping Ground
to see what all is on everyone Else's desk this week.

This week not much done other than my Book of Days entries. :O(
They don't look as pretty as they did earlier but there *are* roses. Greg trying to cheer me up in the middle of all the oooglies we were dealing with.
We had a bit of a kerfluffle last (2 ago) Sunday that set the mood here to 'stressed'. My EX showed up at the door with gifts for the older 2's birthdays. He's on a 3 year no-contact order so this was a total and complete no-no. Fall-out ensued and we've been picking up the pieces.
I DID however get out for a bit of 2nd hand Retail Therapy, that's what's on my desk this week:
Cuban Cigar box, 50 cents! Waffling between altering vrs. leaving alone since it's already just so durn pretty... hmm...
6X6 'Travel' scrapbook I'm going to use for my postcards from the 2012 Postcard Challenge. yippee! Only $1.99.
8 packs of stickers... 25 cents each.
Tim Holtz Music Notes Mask for 50 cents.
...and a wooden Light Switch Plate, $1.50. I'm going to stain & steampunk for the living-room. It'll match the one already made and up by the front door. So happy *G* it's the littlest things that please me the most.
Onward and Upward and here's to a more productive week ahead!

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