Thursday, March 22, 2012

Elements: Self Guided on Book of Days Premium

So stoked to be starting a new Art Journaling Course on Book of Days in the Premium group...
Elements: Self Guided
We'll be working through the elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) as the coordinating seasons come. 

Today I got my composition book prepped and ready to go!
I'm a gomer who suck-eth at slowing down long enough to take 'as I go' pictures so there isn't much 'in progress' to show.
This is the Book pre-makeover, with the binding taped as a guide. I cut handmade Mulberry Papers in the matching colors to make blocks on the front and back.
Wanted a circle for the spirit spot so I traced a CM cutter template with water and ripped it out.
 Then *poof!* we're out of 'in progress' pictures and it's all done. lol 
Attached the blocks front and back with glue stick. Was really pleased with the Air/yellow, it's very thin and the book shows through underneath, luv it. Between the blocks I laid down strips of black cardstock and also 'framed' the outside edges with thicker pieces. The spirit spots were a bit sheer so they are layered over smaller printer paper circles. The spine is also recovered in black cardstock. 
The following the instructions in the course I tied cords through much of the book (about every 7 pages) and tied then off along the spine. I used embroidery floss is the 5 colors (red, blue, green, yellow and white) plus a deep plum.Once they were all tied on I used a comb to separate the threads. 
Yes, I combed my book! lol
Then I *really* had some fun with the tabs. They are folded over black cardstock, punched out with an image to match the element and 'filled' with a scrap of printer paper colored with rubbed ink in the element color:
Glued pages together for each 'tabbed' part. In the end there are 8 pages for 'arting' after the 1st tab and 3 pages for 'notes' after the 2nd in each element. 
The final touch was the Hearts which are a broach I tore the pin off the back of and glue-gunned on. 
I'm soooooooo in love with this book. *squee*
It turned out waaay better then I had pictured it. Go Muse!
and I Sarah... am a Mulberry Paper Addict. Love the texture, colors and look so much... 
My book is fuzzy.
Just want to love it... 
and cuddle it... 
and call it... 

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