Sunday, March 25, 2012

Book of Days: March 25th

Love it when a plan comes together...
Few days ago we got an add for a local paint store and it had this neat-o hot air balloon image  made out of paint chip sample strips, caught my eye so off to the Studio table it went. 
SO want to see a real balloon done up like this!
Got to use the image sooner than expected, today. :) It's a dull, dreary kinda 'meh' day so I've been caffeinating most mightily and making mess-ies in the Studio.
Background is several shades of water-based marker, scribbled then watered down (cheap/lazy watercolors) and the basket was snipped from a Starbucks Cup Liner then inked with markers.
March 25th:
March 25th:
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