Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 145

Welcome to another Wednesday, hump day
...aaaand we're now 1/2 way through March Break, yeah!
Much as I lurve my kids to death and we've been having a bunch of fun sh-tuff going on here... it's not very conducive to work having them home. lol
Before toodling through my mess, a friendly reminder to pop on over to:
Stamping Ground
See what everyone else is up to this fine week!

Messy... but not busy is the theme of the week on my desk...
Busy but not messy the theme of the week through the rest of the house!

See I'm a mean mommy, we have a BIG-fun-going with granny and grandpa- trip planned for late Thursday... til then my 4 boyz are helping with the Spring Cleaning. They have purged their room out all on their own and cleared most of the lil'boy detritus from the main floor. Honestly they worked fast then I thought... not sure what we'll have them working on today but we *will* find sumtin'!

My desk has a few stamps that need to be cleaned and put away floating around, empty to-do-list (not really just no time to write it out this week...) Happy Mail yesterday when my newest stamps arrived from Peachy Cheap (squee!) and coffee... yes, yes copious amounts of coffee consumed this week.
Happy Wednesday!

WUYWW (What's UNDER Your Workdesk? Wednesday)
Taking so many pictures of the puppy didn't want Hero to feel left out... :O)
Usually he's wedged himself into a space that looks like only a Pomeranian could fit into, just behind my desk chair but I caught him beside my desk for a change.
My MAN-ly, Mr Cool.... Mr. enough with fricken'flash woman I want to go back to sleep now thanks!

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