Monday, May 28, 2012

29 Faces: Faces # 16 -to- DONE.

 No art for me since the 14th onward, my Book of Days ends at the 9th. I'm only up for 2-ish hours at a time then the pain makes me tired and I head back to bed. 
 The situation I've been in since around May 9th is pain: everywhere.
 Not in my joints like it's been before but in all my 'fibers' *everything* hurts.
Spent since the 13th onward in bed 'resting' for 16+ hours most days. I'm on anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, pain killers and sleeping pills... thank god Hubby is keeping track of what I need to take when. He's also making sure I'm fed and remembering to drink and go to the bathroom. My 4 boys have been a great help too. If you see my FB games going that's them, say hi. :O)
We've had friends over a few times for TV marathons and I am grateful for the visits though each has left me drained. We have awesome friends who don't mind just hangin' here.
Went for a short grocery trip with my hubby yesterday and ended up in sooo much pain, when we returned I threw up. Today our foster puppy had to go out for her spay surgery and I went for the trip, when I got home I had a shower and was sick again. :O(
Blood work and other tests are being done to rule stuff out. We did this Song & Dance 2 years ago, just before our wedding, and they decided at that point it was chronic hyperuricemia and left it at that. This time my purine count wasn't up *at all* so that's not the answer. The search begins again.
I'm 6000+ emails behind and do not have the brain-age to spare to even start catch-up on them. There is some mail here but haven't opened any, want to be conscious enough to enjoy it. 
I even 'cheated' with this blog post cut & pasting much of it from an update I sent to couple of my groups on Facebook yesterday. 

...aaaaand I didn't keep up with 29 Faces in May.
 Dragged some paper and sh-tuff to bed with me determined to get *a* face done. 
Ended up with 16 so in order to feel I have completed something, anything this month I consider my 29 faces 'obligation' DONE! (+ extra!)
This picture represents how my body feels right now.
Going to cut it down and put it in my Book of Days when I'm well enough to get back at that too. 

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