Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 155

Wednesday has arrived. 
Time for WOYWW at:
Go on over and see what everyone else is up to.

This week looks much the same as last week. In fact when I ventured in to take a picture and post it looks like it's cleaner than I left it, one of the boys must have tidied a spot to work in and someone flipped the calendar over. 
Made it through Comiccon with teeth gritted into a perma-smile last weekend and got the one project done (Brooklyn Art Library thingie). Been in a *lot* of pain since then and my doctor has me trying a new-to-me med, which has given me a temporary (?) lobotomy. Has me sleeping alot (16+ hours most days), eating when someone reminds me or brings food, reading... then re-reading what I read 1/2 hour later and it's all new again, can't remember anything and that irritates me. Always been a morning person and now all I do is sleep... 'function' for maybe a 1/2 hour at a time' and then sleep some more. Sleep is the only time it doesn't hurt.
 My hubby is the greatest and my kids are so frackin' awesome. The house may/may nor be a disaster (don't care), but I am being well taken care of.
We've had close-friends over a couple of nights for TV catch-up, managed to drag myself together for those. Really enjoyed the visits but both left me feeling drained the following mornings. 
As the Doctor ordered:
Need to rest and not push myself, lesson learned, though lesson hard to follow.
The boys have had free-reign of my Facebook account to play my games and let me know to go wish someone happy birthday (deepest apologies if I missed you in the past week-ish). 
Not intentionally ignoring anyone, Sad truth is: 
I likely can't remember who you are or how I know you at present. Had some interesting '20-questions til I recognize' you phone calls. ;O)
Have done nothing art-sy from the 14th onward, my Book of Days ends at the 9th. Haven't had enough 'oomp' to even think about picking up a pen to doodle. Just 'meh'.
OK... read and re-red this post so hopefully enough read throughs has made is read-able to someone other then me. lol
This to shall pass. 
Just need healing time and maybe a different med. :O) More bloodwork and some tests this week so we'll see. *yawn* already tired again.

Promised myself to stay up to date with WOYWW through 2012... so...
Ta-Da this is it:
oh! and YES the ladybugs are pencil sharpeners (up their bums, oh!) 
and the wings open up to calculators.
But really I've been here... 
and heading back there right now:
Mom Update:
Slow improvement and steady...
She also has an initial look-see appointment for physio this week.
(My hubby, Greg, pushed her... thank-god)
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