Friday, May 4, 2012

Book of Days: May 4th (May the 4th Be With You) & 29 Faces #5

It's May 4th... a Geek High Holiday!
To 'celebrate' I Jedi'd myself for today's Face in 29 Faces. 

Took as-I-went pictures that I *hope* will help you with a possibly new-to-you and yet super-easy technique for making Faces.
It's an old Art School Trick we used in both caricature and cartooning class to get a 'base' of a Real Face from a photo. 
***Pictures are in the opposite order of the instruction!***
Wanted to put the finished page at the top so it show up when linked places. :O)

Started with a printout of the FACE picture, printed to fit my Book of Days Journal: 9 X 7" Textbook I'm Altering (ie trashing!). 
The page was primed with white $ store acrylic Craft Paint (DecoArt), you can still see the text coming through.
The back of the printed picture was lightly scribbled over with the side of a piece of graphite, a soft larger pencil would work great too, or charcoal...
Then using a ball point pen the main features are outlined.When it's lifted there is a faint 'guide' that can then be worked with... more details sketched in with pencil, other elements added etc... I added the light-saber and Jedi cloak.
Traced over what I wanted in Sharpie PEN (BEST PEN EVER!) and added the title.
Then  the color was added. I used Stampin' Up! Markers... LOVE what they do on this paint, they go on and soak in a bit and fade so it gives a 'comic book' feel to the image and almost no pen strokes show. Blends wonderfully!
I then retraced the Title.
(Time Start to Finish: Less than an hour)
Sarah the Jedi.


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