Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are B.B.L.A.D.E... for 29 Faces: Face #10-#15

We had some fab-u-lous Steampunk pictures taken by the ever talented Robert Allard  and I soooo desperately wanted to use one for my Facebook Timeline picture... buuuut I couldn't get either family picture to fit with us all in there. urg! Stupid Timeline.
SO, I decided to make one that DID, that was today's 29 Faces Goal.
Faces #10... through #15.

 We are B.B.L.A.D.E
Black Bunny League of
Acclaimed Demon Exterminators
At Your Service.

Coming at you Comic Book Style... 

Used elements from both of these photos... 
Squished and shifted so we all fit and everyone has their eyes open, lol. 

Mapped out the dimensions and laid a guide...

Trace-sketched the basic guidelines in...

Inked over what I wanted to keep, added details... then eraser the pencil lines. 

...and added color!

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