Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soulistry: A Spirituality of Play (and 29 Faces)

It seems Face # 9 snuck into my Soulistry Journal today... she's Windy!


 This section was about 'celebrating holy uselessness'... ie. PLAY.
So that's what I did... sat down with no plan, no scheme, no ideas and just started.
Primed my book then looked around for something to start adding...
Paint! It was in the carrier by my feet... just reached in at random, yanked a color out, squirted it on, then reached for another. 14 in total.

Then I finger painted...

Once that was dry I started looking for patterns, pictures or anything (and apparently anyone...) that popped out. Started doodling over with 3 different black markers and 2 white... 
Pure Play

I also added journaling... it reminded me of one of my boys favorite books. 
'My Many Colored Days' by Dr. Seuss.
Video of the book being read:

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