Saturday, May 5, 2012

FREE Comic Book Day and 29 Faces #6

Today was Free Comic Book Day... A Day not to be missed with our family!
Before Greg had to head to work we went off to our local stores, lucky enough to have 2 right next to each other.  The Comic Book Shoppe and Anime Stop. 
Though we're all a bit bummed our stores didn't have the StarWars/Serenity Issue we still got a LOT of comics. My favorite being the Buffy/The Guild and The Infernal Devices: The Clockwork Angel, yummy!
So in honor or Free Comic Book Day today I Anime-d My Son Arthur as Face #5 for 29 Faces. 
Jane Hat and All. ;O)
Pencil sketch, inked outlined, erased and then colored. 
Lovin' them Pikachu style cheeks!

The Crew with their Haul of free Goodies.

It's a Dalek! 

There were so FAB-u-lous costumes there today.

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