Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book of Days: May 1st ~Beltane~

I have new pens... I *needed* to play!
Greg took me down to Staples and let me splurge on several 'gawd I hope one of these works' pens/markers because he's sick and tired of listening to my wrath and ducking the occasional flinged Sharpie in the Studio. Needed something that would go over paint, not smudge and be fine enough for detail work.
Don't use Gesso in my books... don't like drawing over it with pencils, when I erase my base lines it gets all smudgy and 'dirty' looking. I use $ store acrylics, they are matte and I loooove the texture of brush strokes in my book... it's more 'real' not a print feel to it.
(yes... I pat my books... lol!)

There were to CLEAR winners!
For super fine lines-details: 
Sharpie PEN (not marker... those I was throwing at Greg)
For thicker lines, GREAT writing:
 Staedtler permanent Lumocolor
Bought both in Black... and I'm in luuuurve. Smitten with both of them!

erm... yes, Book of Days...
Today is Beltane so I did a Beltane Page.
Pencil sketched the Fairy in then traced over with the Sharpie PEN.
Outlined her in Stampin' Up! Markers doodling out a bit then used a wet paintbrush to spread the color out over the rest of the page. She's also colored in with SU! Markers.
Journaling done with the Staedtler Lumocolor.

From Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings by Caitlin Matthews

Song of Beltane

I am the calm, 
I am the intoxication 
and the force,
I am the silence,
I am the singer,
I am the stallion 
galloping to its source.
I am the bright pavilion 
and the feasting, 
I am the wedding couple 
and the bed,
I am the morning chorus 
and the heartbeat,
I am the goal to which 
all paths are led.

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