Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 152

Good day fellow WOYWW-ers! 
The hallowed day hath arrived again...
 Head on over to:
To have a snoop... er, look at what everyone is up to this week. 

Nothing 'in-making' on the desk this week.
Coffee... there is coffee...
Celtic Prayer book out for Beltane stuff yesterday...
Pretty new boxes for stashing stuff... That's on my 'list' for today. Staples: $3.99 down to $1.99, down to $1.00, then 49 cents... yesterday--> 25 cents each! Grabbed 5 (1 of each color) the eldest snarfed the Black one before I could blink. ..and I bought some snazzy tiger stripped erasers too. One is hiding just under the parcel there... sneaky bugger! I went in for pens... so so so sick of trying to do outlining and journaling with a Sharpie Marker, they gum up and refuse to work. Found 2 that work beee-oooo-tifully. 
Happy Sarah.
Yellow Book of To-Do's...
Parcel from Art House Co-op arrived!!!! *squeeee!* (more below)
and the usual mess of sh-tuff that keeps me making!
Sooooo....What's on YOUR Workdesk Today?

Yesterday my parcel for The Mystery Project at Art House Co-op arrived!
I need to ponder on the contents....
(Can you smell brain smoke and hear the gears trying desperately to turn?)

Mum Update:
Sleeping a little better, they eye tweaking seems to be taking... which means she'll need to drag out for an eye check. Surgery Results= Change in Prescription. 
She's also gone along for a few errands and stuff this week... Sat while my Dad bottled wine this week and also when he saw his Chiropractor. Normally she is a SUPER active person that barely sits still, walks eeeeeeverywhere. This is so hard for her.
The 1st card arrived!!! 
THANK-YOU to those that have sent/are sending cards... 
The arrival of that 1 card had her smiling for days.

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