Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 153

Weeeeeeeednesday is heeeereeee....
Time to pop on over to:
Come see what's on everyone's desk this fine What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!

 Let's see what mess I have today... 
Up at the top-ish left: 
Finished spread for Soulistry, left to dry (again), dabbed a bit more white on just before bed. 
Above that:
My Steampunk hat... 
Maaaay be tweaking it a bit since it looks like I'll be spending Mother's Day at Ottawa Comiccon!!! 
So the rest of this week will be spent yanking outfits together for the family. 
Main Area:
One of the steampunk outfit sketches I'm always working on -tweak-tweak- 
and another self-portrait, just the outline, not sure what I'm doing with it... 
Arthur wanted to be shown the outline/trace technique, grabbed the nearest picture to show him.
...aaaaaand the usual junk and sh-tuff...
So, What's on YOUR Workdesk?

Zee hat... and earrings. lol

Mom Update:
She's a trouper!
Slow, steady improvements. 
Looks like the cane will be with her for the next 6 months or more... and she'll need physiotherapy. 
(paperwork... insurance... waiting... tapping foot)
Eye, however, is GREAT! nearly 100% better.

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