Friday, March 30, 2012

Book of Days: March 29th and 30th

Only a day behind on posting for a change, lol. 

March 30th:
Full Spread

March 30th:
East Side Mario's 'Birthday-s' Lunch out!
I grabbed the pouch for the hand wipe they brought with Robert's ice-cream and opened for him carefully from the back so I could save it. 
Funny my family doesn't bat an eye anymore...
It made the perfect pocket for today's journal tag.

March 29th:
Going to 'Erin's House' is family code for 'Running Errands':
Robert when he was verrry little wanted to know why we were going to 'Erin's House' when we said we were doing errands, it sh-tuck.  The the chaos-fest that was Movie Night at the school. Smurfs... hence the over abundance of BLUE today.

March 29th:
Full Spread

Postcard Challenge 2012 Week 13: Turkey

It's Friiiiiday, so it's postcard reveal day over at Art & Sole.
This week one of our time travelers traveled back in time to Turkey-past.
Postcard has Turkish tiles as a back ground and a Turkish Belly-Dancer cut with a SLICE (Think Pink card).  She's dressed in foiled pattern paper and several shimmery vellum 'scarves' with sparkles embedded in them, then trimmed out with silver gel-pen.

This week Duke's reporting in to Charity...
Fez and all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book of Days: March 26th - 28th

Catch-Up... again... ;O)

March 26th:

March 26th:
Full Spread

March 27th:

March 27th:
Full Spread

March 28th:

March 28th:
Full Spread

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 147

It's Weeeeednesday.... again. ;O)
Time for WOYWW over at:
Head on over and check out what everyone is up to!

This week it's... surprise-surprise... a Mess.
Did you expect anything else? 
If so, Sorry you must be at the wrong desk. lol 
Creativity in Chaos, wonderful!

Today there's mostly 'finish up' work...
Heart2Heart for Book of Days to send out (need to find the addy on the list, having some problems finding the match) and more bits for Heart2Hearts, waiting... 
Page that was drying last night from Elements,  a list of addy's to send Thank-You cards out for Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue and the Celtic book was out because I was saying a blessing for healing last night before bed. This has been one of those go-go-go then pffftttttt.... weeks. 4 days of crafty goodness then yesterday *pain*. 
Today I'll be picking away, slower. :O) But ain't stopping.  

And fleurs!!!
My Mum brought over a pot of PINK Tulips for me.

BESTEST of all: WOYWW Button arrived!!!
I love sillies I really do and!
xoxoxo Thank-You Julia. xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heart2Hearts for BOD.

Been busy working on some paper lurve for my Sisters of the Book on Book of Days... I swear the postal clerk thinks I'm crazy. In there with Etsy Orders, Thank-You Cards for Poet's Visions Aussie Rescue and/or BOD packages almost daily. :O) Loooove it!

Monday was uuuber productive, 
all but the very last heart was made yesterday, 
last one was created on the 24th. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Book of Days: March 25th

Love it when a plan comes together...
Few days ago we got an add for a local paint store and it had this neat-o hot air balloon image  made out of paint chip sample strips, caught my eye so off to the Studio table it went. 
SO want to see a real balloon done up like this!
Got to use the image sooner than expected, today. :) It's a dull, dreary kinda 'meh' day so I've been caffeinating most mightily and making mess-ies in the Studio.
Background is several shades of water-based marker, scribbled then watered down (cheap/lazy watercolors) and the basket was snipped from a Starbucks Cup Liner then inked with markers.
March 25th:
March 25th:
Full Spread

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: May

Almost made it to the end of the month without getting my 2-ahead done... almost. 
Changed things up a bit this time, used collage images instead of the Digital stamps previously selected. Was going to do May Flowers but switched to Tea for Mother's Day instead. But... I couldn't find any stamps I liked *enough* so off to the Graphic's Fairy instead :O)
All ready to be filled in over May!
 Paint this time was Tea-Brown (duh!), Soft Gold, Shimmery Blue and Bright Pink. Painted on then sponged over.

Postcard Challenge 2012 Week 12: Israel

That was a hard one! So many negative images came up on the search, I wanted Happy and Positive.
Think it was achieved... 
Image of young students, Israel's bright future, overlaid with Heat Embossing. 
The Star is from the 'Shalom!' Set made by Close to my Heart, then I free-hand (read: smeared) the stripes. 

This week Charity is writing to Duke and it looks like her time travel band is back to working like a charm! (...for now...)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book of Days: March 22nd - 24th

The past few days have been pretty 'scrappy' since I've been working on other projects too:
Keeping with the 'use what your doing'... been using the scraps in my book of days.

March 22nd:
Scraps from my Book of Elements, enough to replicate the cover! 
Made this cool, lil' flippy section and journaled on the back.


Full Spread:

Full Spread:

March 23rd:
Biggie Spread...
About the silliness of lil' things that make me happy. 
LOTS of silver and glitter!

Full Spread:

March 24th:
Scrap with a punch out... colored behind it and added the chipboard bits.
Another HAPPY day. 

Full Spread:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Elements: Self Guided- Title Pages & Elements page

Finished the prep work for my Book of Elements last night... late, last night. Do so love the blessing of a project just flowing together, almost all one it's own. Flip side is when that means the creative juices are still flowing like a raging spring-thaw river at 3 AM... with a 5 AM... let's just say I am *VERY* Thankful for Starbuck's Tribute (crack!) Blend this morning.

This is the inside front cover, my all-elements page. 
Doodled words, then watercolor painted (spirit/white is watered down acrylic), traced the letters again and the word highlighted with SU! markers.

Also, while I had all the matching markers/ink spots out to color the edges of all the pages. So they're all match-y match-y with the tabs and title pages. Already helped me when grabbing the book and wanting to flip somewhere quick. 

 Also got the title pages for each element/section done.
The 'Art-ing' sections have information from:
font-ed, formatted and printed to fit on the pages. Lightly inked, traced in Sharpie and then finished the 'frames' with the matching markers. I wanted to add these as 'interest info', perhaps to fuel ideas but also as a permanent reference.
The 'Note-ing' section has the beginning of my 'clustering' exercises. Not much yet... but they will grow as the course goes on.