Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mystery Project: Got an email from the 'finder'!!!

 This makes me SO happy!
Thursday May 31st... got an email:
Hello Sarah,

I found your artwork in the Chapters Pinecrest in the Teens section! It's amazing and I think it's so cool that I found it! I just wanted to let you know, since your email is on it and you'd probably like to know if your artwork got found. You really did make my day, and the worker at Chapters, too! :)

Thanks and just wanted to let you know!

:) Gillian (A Stranger)

****Project blog post is****

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday #156

Wednesday... again! yup.
Time for WOYWW over at:
Hop  on over and see what everyone is up to this week!

Up til yesterday I didn't get anything done, again... so it looked the same.
A few weeks ago my be-lated berf-day + I-won-a-gift-certificate-don't-want-to-lose-it order came in from Opened it up today and spread it out. 
Die's that were on sale, die-cuts, paper and stamps that were on clearance, white journaling pen and a FREE pocket watch stamp and some Prima fleurs for ordering. Yum!
Can't wait to get into it when my energy is back.
Doctors appointment this afternoon *knocking on wood* for some/any answers. 

What is DID get done yesterday was this!
Blogged about it  
It's my 'The Mystery Project' for The Art Hour Co-op and Prismacolor. 
Pen drawing on 6" X 8" hard-board canvas.

Mum update:
She is now in physiotherapy.
My hubby was pushy... she called and THEY will handle the insurance companies for re-inbursment! No $ out of my parents pockets, a BIG hassle off their hands and she could start right away. 
So no broken bones (she was worried after falling a few times), no ligament damage (GREAT news), massive muscle damage though (boo). They figure with 6 month-year of physio she should be a s good as they can get her. 
*relaxing... a LOT*

The Mystery Project: ART HOUSE CO-OP & PRISMACOLOR What happens when you make a stranger's day?

I finished it!
About a month ago I got a kit for The Mystery Project  in the post from The Art House Co-op and Prismacolor. After much pondering and several weeks of being sh-tuck in bed to thunk on it I came up with an idea to go with the unusual prompt I had received.

This is a scan of my finished project... 
Pen drawing on a 6" X 8" hard-backed canvas board. 

Before you get all confuzzled...
This was the assignment (which I gladly chose to accept!):

 The Mystery Project

What happens when you make a stranger's day?

This week's final free project in the 10 x 10 Series is a collaboration with our friends at Prismacolor.
The Mystery Project challenges artists to experiment with the unexpected. 
Every participant will receive a mystery project kit, which includes a free Prismacolor Brush l Fine Art Marker in a surprise color and a secret theme to guide your work. 
Create a token of inspiration using the tools in your kit — it could be a drawing, a zine, a sculpture, or a collage — then install it in a public place for a stranger to discover. 
Just remember to document your mystery project and send us a photograph! 
We'll share your creative surprises with the entire community online.

My kit contained:
Leaf Green
If tomorrow came yesterday. 
huh?! Hence the need to thunk on it  a bit. lol

After being sh-tuck in bed (chronic pain issues) and watching more than a few Doctor Who episodes thanks to Netflixs and my lovely laptop... 
There it was... 

I choose the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, for my project...  
Everyone remembers *their* first Doctor and Tom Baker was mine. 
Started by taping off the outer edges of the canvas board with masking tape, then made a pencil sketch from an internetz photo, when done I outlined it with a fine black permanent black pen and then erased all the guiding pencil marks.

Next I used the Leaf Green Prismacolor marker from the kit to add a funky swirly background around the good Doctor.

I also used the Prismacolor marker to color in a few sections on that ever famous scarf... 
Filling the rest in with other markers in the 'right' colors and colored his badge. 
HAD to take a picture at this stage... it just looked SO cool!

Colored the rest of the Doctor in and then filled out the background with a couple of shades of green to compliment the swirls. 
...and Ta-Da! 
All Done. 
Signed, Dated and almost ready to go.

Finished it by printing sh-tuff to paste on the back...
Glued it on and added a 'frame' using the Prismacolor marker.

The Mystery Project
What happens when you make a stranger's day?
This free project in the 10 x 10 Series is in collaboration with our friends at Prismacolor.
The Mystery Project challenges artists to experiment with the unexpected. Every participant received a mystery project kit, which included a free Prismacolor Brush l Fine Art Marker in a surprise color and a secret theme to guide their work. They then created a token of inspiration using the tools in their kits — then installed it in a public place for a stranger to discover.
Artist: Sarah Cooper
Color: Leaf Green
Theme: If tomorrow came today yesterday.
*after picture* 
Goofed and wrote TODAY so I put a pen slash through it and wrote in YESTERDAY.

Then the really FUN Part!
The drop... "Allons-y!"

Placed my project at the Pinecrest Chapters here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Wandered for a bit looking for the *right* place... Science Fiction/Fantasy fer sure... but where?
Not too high... Not to low... not where anyone would see me doing it and snapping pictures.

The book beside it had two characters on the cover that reminded me of the newest (eleventh) Doctor and his companion Amy Pond. The ginger charging ahead and the dapper man in the suit... 
You can almost hear it: "bowlers are cool, I wear bowlers now". lol
Thank-You for popping in to see the end of The Mystery Project 
HUGE Thank-You to The Art House Co-op and Prismacolor for the chance to participate. It was FUN!

Put my email on the back so IF I hear anything from whoever 'found' it I'll update this post!

 This makes me SO happy!
Thursday May 31st... got an email:
Hello Sarah,

I found your artwork in the Chapters Pinecrest in the Teens section! It's amazing and I think it's so cool that I found it! I just wanted to let you know, since your email is on it and you'd probably like to know if your artwork got found. You really did make my day, and the worker at Chapters, too! :)

Thanks and just wanted to let you know!

:) Gillian (A Stranger)

Monday, May 28, 2012

29 Faces: Faces # 16 -to- DONE.

 No art for me since the 14th onward, my Book of Days ends at the 9th. I'm only up for 2-ish hours at a time then the pain makes me tired and I head back to bed. 
 The situation I've been in since around May 9th is pain: everywhere.
 Not in my joints like it's been before but in all my 'fibers' *everything* hurts.
Spent since the 13th onward in bed 'resting' for 16+ hours most days. I'm on anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, pain killers and sleeping pills... thank god Hubby is keeping track of what I need to take when. He's also making sure I'm fed and remembering to drink and go to the bathroom. My 4 boys have been a great help too. If you see my FB games going that's them, say hi. :O)
We've had friends over a few times for TV marathons and I am grateful for the visits though each has left me drained. We have awesome friends who don't mind just hangin' here.
Went for a short grocery trip with my hubby yesterday and ended up in sooo much pain, when we returned I threw up. Today our foster puppy had to go out for her spay surgery and I went for the trip, when I got home I had a shower and was sick again. :O(
Blood work and other tests are being done to rule stuff out. We did this Song & Dance 2 years ago, just before our wedding, and they decided at that point it was chronic hyperuricemia and left it at that. This time my purine count wasn't up *at all* so that's not the answer. The search begins again.
I'm 6000+ emails behind and do not have the brain-age to spare to even start catch-up on them. There is some mail here but haven't opened any, want to be conscious enough to enjoy it. 
I even 'cheated' with this blog post cut & pasting much of it from an update I sent to couple of my groups on Facebook yesterday. 

...aaaaand I didn't keep up with 29 Faces in May.
 Dragged some paper and sh-tuff to bed with me determined to get *a* face done. 
Ended up with 16 so in order to feel I have completed something, anything this month I consider my 29 faces 'obligation' DONE! (+ extra!)
This picture represents how my body feels right now.
Going to cut it down and put it in my Book of Days when I'm well enough to get back at that too. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 155

Wednesday has arrived. 
Time for WOYWW at:
Go on over and see what everyone else is up to.

This week looks much the same as last week. In fact when I ventured in to take a picture and post it looks like it's cleaner than I left it, one of the boys must have tidied a spot to work in and someone flipped the calendar over. 
Made it through Comiccon with teeth gritted into a perma-smile last weekend and got the one project done (Brooklyn Art Library thingie). Been in a *lot* of pain since then and my doctor has me trying a new-to-me med, which has given me a temporary (?) lobotomy. Has me sleeping alot (16+ hours most days), eating when someone reminds me or brings food, reading... then re-reading what I read 1/2 hour later and it's all new again, can't remember anything and that irritates me. Always been a morning person and now all I do is sleep... 'function' for maybe a 1/2 hour at a time' and then sleep some more. Sleep is the only time it doesn't hurt.
 My hubby is the greatest and my kids are so frackin' awesome. The house may/may nor be a disaster (don't care), but I am being well taken care of.
We've had close-friends over a couple of nights for TV catch-up, managed to drag myself together for those. Really enjoyed the visits but both left me feeling drained the following mornings. 
As the Doctor ordered:
Need to rest and not push myself, lesson learned, though lesson hard to follow.
The boys have had free-reign of my Facebook account to play my games and let me know to go wish someone happy birthday (deepest apologies if I missed you in the past week-ish). 
Not intentionally ignoring anyone, Sad truth is: 
I likely can't remember who you are or how I know you at present. Had some interesting '20-questions til I recognize' you phone calls. ;O)
Have done nothing art-sy from the 14th onward, my Book of Days ends at the 9th. Haven't had enough 'oomp' to even think about picking up a pen to doodle. Just 'meh'.
OK... read and re-red this post so hopefully enough read throughs has made is read-able to someone other then me. lol
This to shall pass. 
Just need healing time and maybe a different med. :O) More bloodwork and some tests this week so we'll see. *yawn* already tired again.

Promised myself to stay up to date with WOYWW through 2012... so...
Ta-Da this is it:
oh! and YES the ladybugs are pencil sharpeners (up their bums, oh!) 
and the wings open up to calculators.
But really I've been here... 
and heading back there right now:
Mom Update:
Slow improvement and steady...
She also has an initial look-see appointment for physio this week.
(My hubby, Greg, pushed her... thank-god)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 154

It's Wednesday?! Where did the week go?
That means it's WOYWW again!
Go check out what everyone is up to this week at:

I got almost nothing done Art-sy this past week... 
Between kids and my doctors appointments plus Ottawa Comiccon prep the week went whoooosh!
 So not much *new* to see...
This was taken yesterday so my 'almost-but-not-quite-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth' entry for the Brooklyn Art Library's The Chronicle Project: 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. Or 86,400 seconds.  ready to be stuffed in an envie. 
aaaaannnd... nothing else new, the usual mess. ;O)

So... since it's a boring desk this week I'm also adding a picture of us from Sunday at
Ottawa Comiccon May 13th 2012
Picture taken by the lovely Lee Ann Farruga. :O)
Our Motley Crew:
Sarah: Dr. Cooper of B.B.L.A.D.E (Steampunk)
Greg: Browncoat fan & Photographer... lol
Arthur: Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
Robert: Tony Stark (Ironman)
William: Hoban "Wash" Washburne (Firefly)
Thomas: teeny-tiny Jedi (Star Wars)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are B.B.L.A.D.E... for 29 Faces: Face #10-#15

We had some fab-u-lous Steampunk pictures taken by the ever talented Robert Allard  and I soooo desperately wanted to use one for my Facebook Timeline picture... buuuut I couldn't get either family picture to fit with us all in there. urg! Stupid Timeline.
SO, I decided to make one that DID, that was today's 29 Faces Goal.
Faces #10... through #15.

 We are B.B.L.A.D.E
Black Bunny League of
Acclaimed Demon Exterminators
At Your Service.

Coming at you Comic Book Style... 

Used elements from both of these photos... 
Squished and shifted so we all fit and everyone has their eyes open, lol. 

Mapped out the dimensions and laid a guide...

Trace-sketched the basic guidelines in...

Inked over what I wanted to keep, added details... then eraser the pencil lines. 

...and added color!

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 153

Weeeeeeeednesday is heeeereeee....
Time to pop on over to:
Come see what's on everyone's desk this fine What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!

 Let's see what mess I have today... 
Up at the top-ish left: 
Finished spread for Soulistry, left to dry (again), dabbed a bit more white on just before bed. 
Above that:
My Steampunk hat... 
Maaaay be tweaking it a bit since it looks like I'll be spending Mother's Day at Ottawa Comiccon!!! 
So the rest of this week will be spent yanking outfits together for the family. 
Main Area:
One of the steampunk outfit sketches I'm always working on -tweak-tweak- 
and another self-portrait, just the outline, not sure what I'm doing with it... 
Arthur wanted to be shown the outline/trace technique, grabbed the nearest picture to show him.
...aaaaaand the usual junk and sh-tuff...
So, What's on YOUR Workdesk?

Zee hat... and earrings. lol

Mom Update:
She's a trouper!
Slow, steady improvements. 
Looks like the cane will be with her for the next 6 months or more... and she'll need physiotherapy. 
(paperwork... insurance... waiting... tapping foot)
Eye, however, is GREAT! nearly 100% better.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soulistry: A Spirituality of Play (and 29 Faces)

It seems Face # 9 snuck into my Soulistry Journal today... she's Windy!


 This section was about 'celebrating holy uselessness'... ie. PLAY.
So that's what I did... sat down with no plan, no scheme, no ideas and just started.
Primed my book then looked around for something to start adding...
Paint! It was in the carrier by my feet... just reached in at random, yanked a color out, squirted it on, then reached for another. 14 in total.

Then I finger painted...

Once that was dry I started looking for patterns, pictures or anything (and apparently anyone...) that popped out. Started doodling over with 3 different black markers and 2 white... 
Pure Play

I also added journaling... it reminded me of one of my boys favorite books. 
'My Many Colored Days' by Dr. Seuss.
Video of the book being read:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Book of Days: May 2nd - 7th and 29 Faces

 MAJOR Photo catch-up day...

May 5th:
Finished Multi-Day Spread # 12, even dozen, lol.

Going to work it backwards...

 May 7th:
Date Day with the Hubster!
Coffee, Book and Lunch.

May 7th:
Full Spread

May 6th:
Super Moon Fall-Out. 

May 6th:
Full Spread

May 5th:
 29 Faces #8
Though it is many, only going to count it as 1. 
Beautiful Poem I ran across recently... it moved me. 
Very apt for today and some of the sh-tuff that was going on.

May 4th:
29 Faces # 5
Already shared Here: 
May the 4th Be With You... and a full how-to-tutorial.

 May 3rd:
Mini-Version of my 29 Face #4 Lay-Out...
Blogged Here:
About this Quote:
There is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, 
~a physical, ~a mental, ~an emotional, and ~a spiritual. 
Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but, unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person. 
~Rumer Godden~ -A House with Four Rooms-

 May 3rd:
Full Layout

May 2nd:
WOYWW 'cheater' Day

May 2nd:
Full Spread