Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost Better...

Thank-You for the messages of concern. :O)
I feel so wuved.

I'm doing MUCH better now that nasty virus finally cleared my system and the rest of the household. I kept hearing how resilient and long-lasting it was and man... nobody was kidding!
Unfortunately, IT left behind a case of Labyrinthitis that is still kicking my A$$. Managed to get out of the house to do groceries Thursday and attend a Photo Shoot today. Though both activities left me entirely drained, so much napping has been happening.
Staying Slow & Steady.
This means I am back upstairs... so I'm sleeping in my own bed instead of on the couch. *bliss* I missed my mattress! AND I'm back in the Studio.
I won't be up to much in the way of detail work until the dizzies are gone. I do have a bunch of finished stuff I need to photograph and should be able to post soon.
I just wanted to pop an and say:
The Muse is ready and willing, the flesh just needs to catch-up!
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