Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking Care of Business

I dragged my Muse kicking & screaming out of the closet today.
I tire easily but am up and about, hoping the Labyrinthitis dizzies will go away so.
*knocking on wood*
That I will feel car-travel worthy by Thursday...
I'm so excited!!! We're going to brave the 4+ hour drive to North Bay to see my Art in the Gallery Show. Yes, I will bring a camera! The plan is to take the 2 oldest boys with us and my parents have graciously offered to 'entertain' the younger 2 for the day.
We'll be IronMan-ing, no hotel stay: Up & Back same day.

I dug out some of my older supplies and set to work on some CD Pins. Yes indeed, these are made from used Cd's (sometimes DVD's too).
It's been almost 2 years since I made any of these. ooo... back when I was still doing craft sales.
I got 6 finished and they're up on Etsy already.
A little high from the Enamel so 6 was my limit. lol

I also managed to get a 'Blinkie' done, though I do not know how to attach a link so it's more of an 'Icon' for the Blog. I always add the link manually with the 'Picture' option in design. I'm sooooo un-techie! I'm still stunned I managed to get this made.
Thank-You Banner Fan!
I started piling scrap-sh-tuff on my desk and got a picture for the background then added all the elements etc... per their easy directions.
Even got the Orange the exact same shade that my Studio is painted! :O)
If anyone is interested in posting it on your sidebar... please, feel free!

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