Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOYWW #92: My 1st!

I've seen the posts around and decided to jump in this week at What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday hosted by Stamping Ground.

I've spent the past week or so sick beyond functioning and am still not quite back on my feet... so to speak. I still have terrible labyrinthitis, so I've been tidying bit-by-bit rather than trying to create.
Otherwise I suspect injury would occur rapidly. ;O)
I gathered all the Cogs'n'Gears together that we've been yanking out of things and got some spray painting done. Found a Bigger Jar to put them in.
Last batch being painted in the Box today.
Though technically not *on* my desk... but out in the hall where there is a fan.
SEE... Nice clean DESK.
Gaze in awe... I guarantee it won't last long.
Mess = Muse Food
Found a larger jar for my collection of other 'larger' mechanical Bits...
Still need a better system for the Smaller Sh-tuff
...and the few Larger pieces too Large for the Jar.
A Work in Progress!
The Major thing taking up space is the Base for the next Portal...
For those that don't know what it is you can see my 1st Portal
As soon as I feel well enough to take up a Glue Gun, production will commence!
I've been busy loading things into my
Etsy Shoppe

and preparing for the
April Bunny Blog Hop.
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