Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOYWW #95 March 30th 2011

Time for 'What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday' at Stamping Ground:

As usual... a mess!
Today I'm going to be lucky if I get back to the Studio to do anything creative.
It's Cleaning Day. bleh...
Best Laid Plans: I had planned to be *done* the major cleaning yesterday but 'life' got in the way. So today I continue...
Sunday is my Birthday and I refuse to do cleaning this weekend so I want it all ship-shape before Friday!
My gift to myself. :O)

For anyone interesting in seeing the end result of last weeks work desk mess, it's done!!!
Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland is HERE:

Last night I started working on my altered frame for the Try It On Tuesday Challenge. This is what's taking up most of my desk.
Over on the left is a blank Canvas Board for my 'self portrait' for the Inspiration Ave Challenge.
In the middle is my 'To-Do' List, otherwise known as the 'Wish List'.
On the right is all my Design Team projects that NEED doing, 3 teams and Blog Hop coming up!
On the left are all the challenges I would *like* to participate in and when they are due.
I sit down (almost) every morning and update the list over my morning coffee/tea.
*Thin line scratch out means I missed it
*Thick means I got it done and Posted
*Yellow Highlighting means it needs doing TODAY!
Over on the right are my cold meds. Damn drippy nose driving my bonkers! I always get sick before Christmas and my Birthday, like clockwork. ugh. All the more reason I want to get the cleaning DONE so I can head back to bed. :O)
Less Messy is the 'herd' of bunnies that keeps growing in my work space... breeding as only bunnies can. ;O) I'm a shameless bunny addict (NOT in need of a 12 hop program, thank-you very much!) and so um, they tend to 'wind up' at our house when they have no homes or hubby sees a particularly cute one at the 2nd hand store. They're good company they make far less noise than the kids. lol
To my right is this other wee corner of chaos. I'm thrilled to have a working CD player *new* this week. Bought a new clock radio, this one had stopped going off reliably (not good) but the radio/CD player works well. So we did the slide puzzle thing: New clock radio in the bedroom, this one in the Studio and the radio with no CD player went to the bathroom. I now have some music during showers and CD's in the Studio! yeah!
Good Luck Bear was a 6-month-a-versary Married Gift from Greg (that was the 25th).
"Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat is Our Song. He's also my 1st Care Bear.
Beside him is my 'tray of destruction': it houses all my picking and pulling tools for taking apart watched, clocks and other small electrics. mmwwaaahhhaaahhhaaa!!!
Divided tray underneath has all those parts in it.
Behind the Bear are more trays with small embellies (eyelets, brads, flowers, charms, buttons, jewelry bits etc...) and my ever present Stampin' Up! Markers and Stampin' Spots.
Literally at my Right Hand. :O)

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