Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Steampunk Challenge at Steampunk Luck

Hello, Steam Punks and Scrappers!
Welcome to the Steampunk Challenge on

This month’s topic is
Steampunk Luck.
March is the month of St. Patrick's Day and to celebrate this holiday (since I am part Irish) we are going to use Luck as our theme. You can interpret the topic any way you wish, whether it is to use green in the page or a lucky charm. Just remember to add a Steampunk twist!
You can submit any type of project you want; layouts, tags, cards, altered object, etc....
Remember to let your imagination loose! I want to see those gears turning!

I just HAD to scrapbook the extra pictures we snapped when we got home from the Steampunk Photoshoot. HAD to... really.
They were burning a hole in my Laptop waiting to get printed.
That's my Story and I'm sticking to it. ;O)
Background paper was bright yellow I stamped gel-a-tins 'Get in Gear' stamps in various shades of brown.
The Wood-grain Pattern Paper was Stampin' Up! stuff (old) I tore, crumpled, flattened and inked.
Pictures are all sanded around the edges.
All journaling/title work was printed on photo paper (glossy) inked (brown), glimmer misted (sand and dark brown) then inked (light yellow) again. I'm really happy with how that turned out, much better detail IRL.
'Together' and 'Family' Metal Word Plates are Forever in Time.
Key is Pixie Press.
Heart Charm is Blue Moon Beads.
Clock face from a real Alarm Clock.
Gears (metal and black cardstock) from a Stampin' Up! Punch.
Embossed Metal (for gears) was torn off the side of a flower pot. Waste not want not!)
Paper Picture is a snippet of Steampunk Debutante paper from Graphics 45.



We are B.B.L.A.D.E
Black Bunny League of
Acclaimed Demon Exterminators
At Your Service.


Do Your Feel Lucky...

Do Ya?


Ships Mechanic (with attitude)
Perfect for the Job:
Little fingers get into all those hard to reach areas!

Always creating new Things, Weapons
& increasing the Ships capabilities.


Pilot and Fearless Leader.
Master of the Daylight Torch!

Lady Doctor, Healer & General Medic.
Creator of the Anti-Vampire Injection
that keeps Arthur from turning completely.

Weapons and Tactical.
Part Vampire, the Anti-Vampire Injection
keeps him partly Human.

Weapons and Tactical
True Master with the Wooden Stakes!

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