Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toot!!! on Steampunk Canada...

I'd like to share a bit of news.
My Art is featured this week on the front page of Steampunk Canada:
I'm thrilled and honored.
Do stop by to have a look, stay have a cup of Tea and browse awhile... lots to see and do on the site.

I myself feel like I'm walking through a dream today, mostly because I should still be asleep. lol Greg and I attended a wonderful 2 hour class 'Steampunk Dance for Fancy Balls' yesterday. herm... yes, I have a few pictures of us 'dancing' but I'm not sharing them. 4 left feet between the 2 of us, though it felt like 6 or 8 at times.
I will share this picture though:
Us on arrival at the dance studio before removing hats, jackets and weapons. ;O)
This week marked the 2 year anniversary of the Steampunk Ottawa Group so after the class we all met at The Black Rose Pub to celebrate.
Hard to decided what clothing was 'danceable' and yet also 'nicer' for the following festivities. That skirt was a big ol' FAIL for the dancing, waaay too long. I'll have to hem it before we go to The Canadian National Steampunk Expo (CNSE).
Apparently parts of both the Dance Class and the Pub Night are going to be on YouTube at some point. Will let you know when I know something more solid, like a link.

I snarfed this picture from a friend's album on Facebook.
This was taken when we were at the 2nd anniversary Shin-Dig
.Then we finished off the day with a late, late, late night (Read: 4 am-ishy) Movie Night here with friends.

Today the 1st order of business will be to hunt down some caffeination, an IV would be nice... Then I have an Etsy sale to Bag & Tag, 2 Design Team pages to get done and YES YES YES kids to get ready to go back to school tomorrow.
March Break is OVER. I do so love my boyz but it will be nice to have some routine back tomorrow morning after a week of chaos.

I also have Portal #2 sitting here ready to start getting filled.
Here's a hint...

Alice in Wonderland
I'm stuck on Chess Pieces... I NEED some but I don't want to break up a set I much prefer to use a set that's toss-away because it's missing something. I think a 2nd hand store foray may be in the offing once the kids are off tomorrow. ;O)

Coffee, Packaging and Verk' Verk' Verk!
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