Friday, March 18, 2011

Gallery Show Road Trip...

I'm tired so, so, so very tired, but it was worth it!
Yesterday we got up bright and early, took the van to get a shiny new unbroken windshield...
Had a hearty breakfast of Green (french vanilla) yogurt, berries and chocolate granola and tea (of course!): to celebrate St.Patty's with the kids...
Dropped the younger 2 kids at Granny and Grandpa's...
And finally hit the road!
Full 'Steam' ahead to the 187 Gallery in North Bay to see Steampunk 'The Penny Dreadful' Art Show 1st hand.
Pretty uneventful drive up: a few stops at Timmy's to um... 'mark territory', Wendy's enroute for lunch and the pre-requisite Starbucks to keep us awake. Beautiful sunny weather turned kind dull by the time we got to North Bay.
Just under 4 1/2 hours drive on the way up.
No problems finding the Tattoo Parlor that also houses the Art Gallery. Awesome idea combining the 2!
We chatted and ogled for about an hour before heading to Dinner at East Side Mario's to celebrate and then head home.
By the time we left North Bay it was raining and there was wicked, wicked beautiful lightning.
The biggest problem was mist...
Makes me wonder of it was a St. Patty's Day Special Show put on by Mother Nature! It was THICK. Couldn't see the red tail lights on any cars in front of us until about 20ft away. We were lucky enough to get behind a truck who was tall enough we could see the top lights above the mist, followed his 'lighted lead' to see where the turns and dips were. Plus he was putting his 4 ways on blinking when it was really bad, those showed through the mist and helped a bunch.
Seeing Eye-Truck!
Only made 1 pit stop.
Just over a 6 hour Drive back.
SO happy to see Ottawa and never been happier to see our front door!

Though we took pictures they are not fantastic, again I lament the loss of the NIKON. :O( But here's what we did get:

Required shot (according to Greg) of me in front of the Gallery Sign.
I have a different view: I'm proud of my ART, each piece on it's own as opposed to me as an Artist. I'm an instrument no more important than a paint brush or the glue gun. Not made by me, but through me.
I know that's controversial but that's how I feel about *My Art*.

In front of the 'Warning to Time Travelers' Piece:
In front of 'Portal to... Steampunk Teaopia':
Warning to Time Travelers:
Portal to... Steampunk Teaopia
Brass Explosion Box... under glass:
Tee... Heee....
Robert and his Fancy-Schmancy Shirley Temple in North Bay.
East Side Mario's does NOT go this fancy in Ottawa.
lol... Holy Sugar Batman.
Robert was deeeeelighted when his drink arrived.
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