Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WOYWW #94: Bits of Wonderland...

What you see is what I can show...
I have several Design Team thing 'under construction' as well as my project for the April Bunny Hop, tucked away on the side so I could take today's pictures. ;O)
Hop Starts April 1st: 20 Stops AND there will Prizes all the way!
Info on my sidebar.

I'm still working away on my 2nd Portal Project.

So today is all about Spoilers!
This one has an Alice in Wonderland Theme.
Bigger than the Steampunk Teaopia one so I have LOTS more space to fill up behind the door. That works well because there is soooo much I CAN put there!
I've been stash digging and 2nd hand store collecting for months for this project. I've kept my eyes peeled at every FreeCycle event and snapped up more than a few things from the trash.
This week I'm cutting and glazing the paper elements and painting... painting... painting... anything that needs that done before starting to assemble everything for the 3D Collage *inside* the Base.
Clocks, Fireplace, Chess Pieces, Door Hinges, Mirror, Pig, Book, Birds, Lace, Cups, Computer Parts, Turtle, Lobster, Bunny, Mushrooms, Bottle, Flowers, Leaves and Playing Cards... Oh My!
Even more sh-tuff:
Vines, Eggs, More Cards, More Chess Stuff, More Computer Parts, Lace, Ribbons, Flowers, Birds and Book Pages...
Yet again... The Base.
lol, sick of seeing it yet?
One of these Wednesdays I will have this finished and not 'under construction'.
It's a biggie project, it's taking some time... but it will be worth it!
~Sarah Cooper~

PS: getting my Ra-Rah!! In:
Check out who is Artist of the Week on Steampunk Canada's Home Page:
Portal #1: Steampunk Teaopia is up, as well as Warning to Time Travellers.

11-ishy PM:
Update! The Portal is DONE.
I will be taking pictures tomorrow when:
1) I'm more awake
2) My wee little camera has sunlight to help it.
So check back tomorrow,
I'll post the pictures when I get 'em done.

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