Monday, March 28, 2011


I received this blog award from Jacqueline.
Thanks so much!

This is my 1st try at passing an award along so hopefully I get all the steps right! :O)

The rules state I must:

Thank the person who sent you this blog (above)
-List 7 things about yourself (below)

-Send this to 15 Bloggers (further below)

Seven Things...
1. I LOVE all things Bunny, so it's lucky my birthday falls so close to Easter!
2. Speaking of Birthdays This Sunday (April 3rd) is mine.
3. I'm a Dark Chocolate Purist. Milk Chocolate just tastes *wrong* to me.
4. I LOVE Steampunk!!! Though that is not a new revelation to anyone. ;O)
5. I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. I have some everyday.
6. I'm hyperuricemic: I have good days & I have painful days (hands & legs).
My favorite book of all time is Beauty by Robin McKinley. A version of the Beauty and the Beast tale told BY Beauty herself totally from her view point. Beauty and the Beast being a favorite of mine too.

My list of 15 WELL deserved Bloggers:
I follow artsy-crafty blogs because I am a very visual person and I just LOVE taking in beautiful eye candy... Each and every one of these Bloggers helps feed my visual addiction! Thank-You all.

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