Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book of Days: July 17th - July 31st

Massssssoooooove page dump...
Time was stolen from me with pain/medication for a few days in here...
We're starting to pack and ready the house for moving...
All of which has left me largely un-a-MUSE-d. 
Many are quick pages scratched out and saved up to blog.
This may well be the pattern until post-move, there is SO much to do.
First job is packing up the Studio... 
Culling down to the bare Art Journaling basics so expect to see more collage and use of left-over bits and doodling.
MAJOR waste-not-want-not-damn-I-don't-want-to-pack-*this*-too! Style journaling in the near future, lol. 

Multi Day Spread #19 DONE on July 20th.

July 17th
 July 17th:
Full Day Spread
July 18th
July 18th:
Full Spread
 July 19th
July 19th:
Full Spread
July 20th
July 20th:
Full Spread
July 21st
July 21st:
Full Spread
July 22nd
July 22nd:
Full Spread
July 23rd
July 23rd:
Full Spread
July 24th
July 24th:
Full Spread
July 25th-26th-27th
July 27th:
Full Spread

July 28th:
Full Page Spread
July 29th
July 29th:
Full Spread
July 30th
July 30th:
Full Spread
July 31st
July 31st:
Full Spread

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