Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Muse just LOVES helping you
stretch those creative muscles!

Today, grab pencil and your journal and have your muse point out
an object for you to sketch. 
Let your eyes really see it.
Started by drawing a 'canvas' on the page for my sketch and doing a quick watercolor pencil wash around it. 
Then stopped and just sat in the Studio, closed my eyes and asked...
Then opened them to 'see' what my Muse wanted me to see.
The 1st item to clearly come into focus when I opened them again was a jar of wooden hearts rescued off some FreeCycle wicker planters. Future RAOA (Random Acts of Art) supplies.
So that's what I sketched...
Had a hard time once I was done pencil sketching to NOT grab a pen and do a re-outline and erase, like I usually do. Instead I reached for a Red Pencil Crayon and simply highlighted where my Muse led. 
Then I was led to the computer to find a quote and this is it:

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. 
Ask questions, then feel the answer. 
Learn to trust your heart... ~Carl W Buechner~


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