Friday, July 13, 2012

The Red Key: Nightgown Painting.

When you get up in the morning, before you get dressed...
Slip off to the easel or art room or your journal. 
And take 15...5...even 1 minute to put brush/pen/lips to
canvas/paper/journal before the to-do-list mind clicks in.

Pull out your journal right now and ask her
"Dear Muse -what time is the best time for us to sneak off and be together?"
Well this morning was the perrrrfect time for this! 
We're now on Greg's 'summer schedule' which has us going to bed between 2-4 AM and getting up at 11-ish-y AM. Works out well now that we've established a good family rhythm:  
The boys get up earlier and have cereal, play, make a mess etc... 
We get up have Lunch with them, Greg leaves for work...
Then EVIL MOM makes everyone clean up.  
I like it. 
But this morning the boys were quite rambunctious and LOUD and woke us up before 7 AM. 
Greg went back to sleep but I could not... 
Near us last night there was a rather large fire in the Bush along one of the nature trails. We'd been smelling the, not that unpleasant, aroma of wood smoke all evening... but waking up all of a sudden *with* the smell of fire all about gave my system *too* much of an adrenaline jolt, soooo no more sleep for me! 
Got up, got caffeinated and started to ART... in my Nightgown. 
Found out:
Sleep Deprivation + Copious Coffee = Muse Fuel!
Ended up with a painting of myself and my Muse working late into the 'Starry Night'. Almost all my ART-ing gets done in the wee hours, after gloaming, when the smallest of my four boys are asleep for the night...
Me, in my Nightgown...
...and my Muse. 
Leftover paint smeared on a canvas board and textured paper sheet... for later use!
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