Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Goth Gurl -Mixed Media-

Another Art Journal Group Prompt... which I took outside of a book.
There is a lot of gorgeous SheArt style pictures floating around and we got talking about some 'alternative' versions... this is my take...

Little Goth Gurl.
She preferred Vampires that didn't Sparkle. 
Created on a 6" X 8" hard-backed canvas board. 
Good thing because there are many, many, many layers on this piece. 
Started with ripped papers, then paint, ink, stamps, more papers, rub-ons etc...
Added some to her fascinator, 
drew a chain and added her lovely purse, 
sketched on ripped fishnets
and took the prongs off a brad for her locket.
Took 3 pictures because the glossy shine was making it a PITA to get one 'perfect' shot. 

Shine on the Left...
Shine on the Right...

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