Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Red Key: Daily Creative Practice -Color Meditation-

We were asked to start playing with and designing a Daily Creative Practice. 
So that's where I've 'been' with the program... finding a rhythm. 

Have decided that:

My regular daily creative practice will include...
~Color Meditation~
~Candle Lighting and Celtic Blessing for Creativity~
~Placing requests-prayers for others in my Prayer Box~
~Listening to a Cosmic Cowgirl recording or watching an other wise calming and inspiring Video~

My short reader’s digest version for uber busy days will be...
 ~Color Meditation~
~Candle Lighting and Celtic Blessing~
 ~Placing requests-prayers for others in my Prayer Box~

And the things my muse suggests that I include in my longer delving deeper dates are...
~Muse Woo-ing Monday Self-Care Date~ 
Blogged a page about that here:

Soooo... I made a page late last night for the Color Mediation I do daily. 
Journaling reads:
I close my eyes and picture breathing in colors...
Going through the rainbow:
Purple, Blue, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and finally Pure White.
Picture the vibrancy and purity of the colors as I breathe in... 
2-3 breaths per color.
Picture breathing out grey, brown, black air...
clearing the 'dirty' stuff out of my body and soul.
Then breathing in beautiful colors with each and every inward breath.
Dirty Out… Clean and Colorful In…
Dirty Out… Clean and Colorful In…
By the time I've worked through all 8 colors I'm relaxed and feel 'clean'.

'Sarah' is colored with markers and paint-pens. 
Colors are Caran D'ache pencil crayons.  
Journaling printed and 'framed' in Sharpie. 

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